Sobre mi


Soy gijonés y asturiano. Nací en los 70 y creci con la cultura de la television como tantos de mi generacion.

Hoy soy formador, consultor de empresas y coach ejecutivo (AECOP) en Fida Consultores.

Soy padre que echa de menos un manual de instrucciones sobre niños y adolescentes.

Me considero optimista y soy un aprendiz vital. Amante del Networking social y profesional y del buen rock and roll.

Espero que la lectura de este rincón de la red sea de utilidad para alguien. Solo aspiro a compartir mis experiencias y retales de vida para, al menos, satisfacer al “miniyo” de periodista y escritor frustrado que llevo dentro. Gracias por leer!


7 comentarios to “Sobre mi”

  1. Katharine Trauger octubre 4, 2013 a 2:55 am #

    Hi! Did you ask for help at the “ask an editor” page? If so, I can help you, if you still need it. I speak a bit of Spanish, if necessary, but no technical words or phrases. Let me know if you still need help.

    • dylanniano octubre 4, 2013 a 9:04 am #

      Hi Katherine!

      Thanks for your comments!

      Yes, I´m still in need for help because I don´t know how to move a post from the home page to another page (in my case to the “musica para pensar” page for example). Can you, please, lend me a hand? Thank you very much in advance.

  2. Katharine Trauger octubre 4, 2013 a 3:02 am #

    Tambien, quiero preguntarle: que cosa es “miniyo”? Nunca he oido de este frase. Y Usted puede ver como yo no se mucho do espanol. Tampoco no tengo markas para los acentos, etc. 🙂

    • dylanniano octubre 4, 2013 a 9:10 am #

      Hola Katharine!

      Tu español es muy bueno! “Miniyo” is an expression I use, working as a trainer and executive coach, to talk about our silly pride who makes us lose important things in life. I mean “miniyo” in Spanish is like a smaller version of me (yo). It´s also my personal tribute to the Austin Powers movies an Mini-Me.
      Muchas gracias por tu interés!


      • Katharine Trauger octubre 4, 2013 a 12:53 pm #

        Your English is far better than my Spanish. I thought the expression might mean “little me” and did not trust my guess.
        Do you mind my asking if you are from Spain or from Latin America? It does not matter but I am curious.
        Were you the one who asked the question I refered to, above? Did you get an answer?

      • dylanniano octubre 4, 2013 a 1:12 pm #

        Hi Katharine!
        I´m from Spain. My little hometown is Gijon in the North.
        Yes, I´m the one who asked the question and I got the answer so I changed the pages section a little bit.
        You have a wonderful blog! I will follow you from now on!
        My English used to be quite right but as I don´t use it everyday I need to brush it up a lot.
        Thanks. You´re very kind.
        I´m starting my blog so feel free to share your opinion. Do you understand the posts? Do you like the design? It´s quite simple as I´m just a begginer!

      • Katharine Trauger octubre 4, 2013 a 1:31 pm #

        Wonderful? That’s a big word! 🙂 I don’t think anyone has ever called it that, but I am glad you like it and I thank you for your commitment to follow.
        I thought you might be from Spain and I am guessing you are what writers in America call a “worder”, which just means a person who likes words. I am, and that is one reason I learned Spanish: more words! 🙂
        Yes, I find your writing very understandable, even with my limited vocabulary. I only studied 4 years, but my teacher did not know English, forcing us students to study hard. Ha!
        Living in southern USA, I have opportunities to use my knowledge, but not often enough to become really good, and some of the non-English-speaking people here have some wrong Spanish usage, causing me to become quite confused. I think your Spanish seems clear and more like what we studied in the textbooks in high school. That made me think you might be Spanish.
        Okay, I want to follow your site, too. I can learn lots by reading here. 🙂


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